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Sunday, February 19, 2012

It Has Been Too Long

First and foremost let me begin by apologizing for my absence.  The last 9 months have been filled with such changes (mostly all good) that my life has had little to no time for any extras.  Needless to say I have not been baking nor cooking as much as I would like, though of course it hasn't completely fallen by the wayside.  I have visited quite a few restaurants that need to be bragged about and given their proper reviews.  From this point on I do hereby promise to continuously update my blog, and keep all of you on the up and up in terms of my latest cooking creations.

In case you are wondering what could possibly have been keeping me out of the Culinary Lime Light I will fill you in.  My last post was back in May, since then I have quit my research position, worked on my teaching certificate all summer (pretty much 24/7), was hired as a full time Chemistry and Biology teacher for Chicago Public Schools.  I have been trying to hunker down and create an awesome curriculum, becoming the very best teacher I can be.  Inspiring where and when I can (academically) and created a classroom that is based on respect and inquiry.  Now let me tell you that this is no easy task and has been taking all of my time.  As the year has gone on, I have become more organized and things have gotten a LITTLE easier.  Thus I have had more time for the stress relief and fun of  cooking.

So look forward to recipes for tasty treats and reviews from some of my favorite restaurants.  Below are just a few glimpses of what I've been up to since last we met!
Michigan State vs. Michigan game in East Lansing.  Danielle is a wolverine, she's lucky we kept her safe from all the other Spartys! But she deserved to get a little bruised up
Big Ten Championship in Indianapolis.  Yep I was willing to fight a Badger!

Brothers Graduation! Oh so proud someone is Med school bound!

Christmas time and this was only one of many tasty treats that we made. 5lbs of moose munch seems like the perfect amount!

Smoked a pork loin over christmas, and then made a smoked pulled pork pizza with homemade BBQ sauce and jalapeno gouda.  My sister Allyce and her BF Jon got my dad a pizza pan that can go on the grill.  It was fantabulous!

Tasty cocktail concoctions at The Aviary.  Yes they were worth every penny!

At The Aviary with two of my favs Kate and Danielle.  And yes we did get invited down to The Office (the super secret speakeasy).  Thanks to our friend Marco who works there for getting us in on such short notice!  Now if I could ONLY get tickets for the restaurant Next.